Healing potion set in Leather case - made to order

Healing potion set in Leather case - made to order


Set of 4 Healing potion jars in custom leather case.


These 2 are to show options 


1 Have 1 set of jars in stock to make another set up, although can get more and other varieties of jars.


Current leathers in stock - Green, Tan/brown,  Dark Blue, Red


You can choose to have the leather cut straight (brown example photo) or with natural shape to the leather (green example photo).


Also you can choose to have a series of heavy suty poppers to fasten or just the one with a wrap around strap.


The leather is backed onto felt and has hand stitched detailing


The set includes 4 jars - Healing Potion,  Greater Healing Potion, Superior Healing Potion and Supreme Healing Potion.

Ear jar has the correct number of D4 poly dice for the spell and the bonus to add on the back of each jar


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