Knitting Pin / Tool/ Paintbrush roll

Knitting Pin / Tool/ Paintbrush roll

PriceFrom £16.95

Medium 30 x 40cm approx  -  £16.95

Large 30 x 65 cm approx - £19.95


Long pin medium 45 x 40 cm approx - £19.95

Long pin Large 45 x 65 cm approx - £22.95


The number of compartments can vary depending on your preferences. You will recieve a message or email after you order to discuss options or you can contact me in advance.


I have several suppliers of patterned cotton and cotton blends so it is basically a case of let me know what theme you like and I can check what is available at that time. So pop me a message through Facebookcontact form on website or email on

This could include geeky fabric, animals, flowers etc