How we have shown love & support for Keyworkers during the pandemic

Throughout the pandemic we have been making cotton masks, stretch headbands with buttons, laundry bags for scrubs and 3D printing pla strap ear savers completely FREE for NHS, Carers, and essential keyworkers that worked so hard through every lockdown.

We are so proud to have supplied our community heroes with over

2500 2 layer cotton masks,

2000 pla ear savers

600 stretch headbands with buttons

and 200 laundry bags. 

To continue showing our love and gratitude, we will continue to offer discount on alterations, custom work and gifts to NHS & Carers for the forseeable future. 

Apologies that some keyworkers may feel we are no longer grateful - this is not the case - but after 18 months of zero earnings (the small amount of alterations I did in this time went towards supplies for the free masks) I need to get back to earning something for my time.